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Specializing in Embedded Systems Firmware Development - and the restoration, repair, and sale of Vintage Microcomputers
Hi, I'm Roger, President of DiPaolo Technologies, LLC.  Welcome to our website, we've very glad you came to visit

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Whether you've come here looking for 40 years of Embedded Systems Engineering expertise, or  you've come just to enjoy the Vintage tech, you've come to the right place

Embedded Systems Development

With a proven track record of industry success since the 1970's in Embedded Systems Development, DiPaolo Technologies is ready to make your project a success - with good old fashioned hard work and dedication on top of 40 years of solid industry experience.  Success isn't a goal, it's a requirement.

The Microcomputer Museum of America

Presented for your geek pleasure, an online presentation of the MMA's collection of pre-1980 Microcomputer technology.

  • Tyler Poelstra

    Founder, Manager and Principal Engineer at Vexel Software, LLC

    Roger is a quality focussed professional who has a precise scope of the needs and requirements for a project and what it takes to meet and exceed them. He has strength in methodically organizing project goals and information to optimize performance of the team to maximize productivity and innovation. Roger has an exceptional ability to be resolute and pull together the assets of his team members to overcome challenges with quality results.

  • Steven Feinstein

    Signal Processing Software Engineer

    Roger is one of the best embedded engineers I know. He's extremely knowledgeable, an excellent designer who writes amazingly solid code, and a great troubleshooter. He's smart, passionate about technology, and a really nice guy. I've worked with him on three projects and would welcome an opportunity to work with him again.

    Brian Battersby, MS

    Director of the Computational Core at Massachusetts General Hospital - Wellman Center for Photomedicine

    In the short time I worked with Roger, he had demonstrated a very professional, courteous, accommodating manner. He was very interested in making sure he provided the API calls that each person on the team required. His communication skills are excellent and each time we had a discussion, the desired results were quickly achieved. The code that he provided far exceeded the requirements of the project. He had built in full software simulation for a complicated instrument to aid in the integration with the GUI. It was a real joy working with him.

A sampling from the MMA

  • 1977 PET AND 8080 TRAINING LAB

    Commodore PET 2001-8 and "The Portable Microprocessor Training Lab"
  • 1976 pROTOTYPE mmd-1

    One of the first 10 prototypes of the world's first Single Board Computer
  • INTEL SDK-85

    Intel's System Design Kit for the 8085

    Intel iSBC 80/20-4            Intel SDK-86
    Unbuilt Intel SDK-85         Synertek SYM-1
  • E&L instruments mmd-1

    A production E&L Instruments MMD-1 with an assortment of add-on peripherials

    A portable device designed to enhance design testing of 8080 based systems


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